– Win $1000 Gift – Publix Customer Survey – When a customer fills out a survey for this company called Weis Feedback & survey, they get a Validation Code card as a prize. The PublixSurvey is the official poll of people for the business. Publix does this study to determine how happy customers are with their buying experience.

PublixSurvey.Com - Win $1000 Gift - Publix Customer Survey

PublixSurvey.Com – Win $1000 Gift – Publix Customer Survey

Publix has put in a lot of work to ensure its services are the best. By filling out the Publix form, you can tell the store how you felt about your last shopping trip.

How to take the Survey

Go to the home page of PublixSurvey after you log in.

  • There, you can talk with other people in either English or Spanish. Please choose the language you want to use so we can move on.
  • Find the poll invitation code at the bottom of your most recent Publix ticket and enter it here.
  • Please answer a few quick questions for Publix. The best answers are honest and straight to the point.
  • To move on, please fill out your profile with the requested information. With these, a winner will be chosen to get a $1,000 gift card.
  • Before you sit back and relax, remember to send your answer to the PublixSurvey.

PublixSurvey.Com - Win $1000 Gift - Publix Customer Survey

Benefits and Rewards

People who buy things at Publix can enter a raffle to win a $1,000 Publix gift card.

Terms and Conditions or Rules

  • When sending their survey answers, people must be at least 18 to enter the PublixSurvey contest.
  • Please remember that this poll is only open to real Publix buyers who are legal residents of states where the company does business. Only try to get in if you live or work somewhere with a Publix.
  • If all the employees who review employees have financial ties to the company, the reviews may be unfair. This means that neither current nor past Publix workers nor owners can vote in the poll.
  • Users can only use PublixSurvey if they live in a state with Publix groceries or convenience shops.
  • You can only take the online poll if you have a legal ticket.
  • The $1,000 prize from the event can’t be turned into cash or given to someone else. Any Publix store lets you use a Publix personal shopper card.

PublixSurvey.Com - Win $1000 Gift - Publix Customer Survey

About the Company

The offices of Publix Super Markets, Inc. are in Lakeland, Florida. This means that Publix is an American grocery store chain. Publix is the business name of the company. The United States is home to Publix’s headquarters, the biggest regional shopping company in the world.

More than 1,200 Publix grocery stores are in the United States, and more than 193,000 people work there. The Publix grocery store sells groceries, deli items, baked goods, fruits and veggies, flowers, meats, and fish.

Some stores have different sections where they sell medicines and drink drinks. At Publix’s customer service desks, you can also cash checks, get money orders, use Western Union, rent a Rug Doctor, and buy lotto tickets, among other things.

PublixSurvey.Com - Win $1000 Gift - Publix Customer Survey


Publix Super Markets, sometimes just called Publix, is a part of Publix, one of the biggest regional grocery store groups in the United States. You will also find this is one of the best places to work throughout your job.

Publix stores sell everything you’d expect to find in a grocery store, including ready-made foods, baked goods, home furniture, fresh flowers, meat, and fish. FAQs

  • Question – Why do people receive a 404 error while attempting to visit PublixSurvey online?

Answer – No need to worry if they need help getting to the survey page or get an error code while filling out the survey. Give them some time to calm down before trying the same things again. If the problem continues, they can talk to Publix’s customer service through its social media page.

  • Question – Can they trust that what they say in the Publix poll won’t be shared with anyone else?

Answer – Yes. Their answers to the official survey hosted on the public poll will be kept secret and won’t change the quality of service they get in any way. They will only say who they are once the $1,000 gift card is in their hands.

  • Question – What is different about Publix compared to other shopping stores?

Answer – If they’re looking for a grocery store that lives up to its promise of “making value for customers,” they don’t have to look any further than Publix, the first grocery store in the U.S. that helped start the trend of self-checkouts.

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