Pollolistens.com – Win $2 Off – Pollo Tropical Survey

Pollo Tropical Company is the official name of the company, According to eligibility one can participate in the survey and can win a Reward. It is $2 off.

  • Why does the company take a survey?

When the customers complete their survey in this restaurant, this company wants to know whether they enjoyed the meal or not of this restaurant. This company wants to get such feedback from its clients and intends to improve its services. That is why this company asks to give feedback on its official site pollolisten.com.

Pollolistens.com – Win $2 Off – Pollo Tropical Survey



How to take a Pollolistens.com survey?

Open this www.pollolisten.com.  Then you have to enter the 16 digits Pollo tropical code printed on your receipt press on next to continue.  Then you will be asked some of the questions and have to answer honestly of those questions.

If you are visiting for the second time in this survey, tell them about your previous experience. When you answer the questions, you will submit your contact detail. You have to give all the compulsory details with a valid email id for getting a code.

After completing the survey, you will be offered a validation code, the pollo tropical survey code, that can be used on your next visit in this survey.


Benefits and rewards

This survey is known as satisfaction because it satisfies its customer by giving them some prize or reward after completing their survey in Pollo Tropical restaurant. So the person who comes to take a survey in this restaurant can get a discount of $2.

Using this coupon, you can get a discount on your meal on your next visit to this restaurant. Next time, you can also get some free meals when you come to this restaurant.

Rules Pollo Tropical Survey

Everyone is not allowed to participate in this survey because it mentioned some of the rules that must be followed to take part. It ensures that only dependable customers can participate and give their honest feedback. Here are some of the requirements given below:

  • To be a part of this survey, you should have attained the age of 18 and more.
  • It is necessary to acquire a valid and recent receipt of the Pollo tropical outlet.
  • This survey is an online survey, so you need your pc, computer, laptop or smartphone to take a survey. Also, remember your internet connection should be good.
  • It is important to purchase to take up the survey in Pollo tropical.
  • When you complete the survey, you will be given a code, and for that, you have to provide your valid id or phone number.
  • The employees and the family members of the pollo troppical are not allowed to participate in this survey.
  • This survey is only open for the resident of the united state America.
  • The receipt you get as an invitation from this restaurant is valid only for days of purchasing it.
  • Only a single person can visit from the offer you get from this survey.
  • If you get any reward or prize from this survey, you cannot transfer it into cash or some other choice.
  • The coupon you get from this survey is available only after 30 days of getting it.

About the Pollo Listens

The Pollo Tropical is the restaurant of u.s. It is known for its tasty Caribbean food. This company was started in 1998, and the founder of this company is larry and Stewart harris. In this restaurant, many menus are provided like crispy, grilled chicken dishes for the customers.


It was now working in more than 140 locations, and about 5000 employees are working in this company. It also has other restaurants in the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, central and southern America. When it comes to the quality of the food they make, then, in this case, this company sets a world record.


There are many reasons why you are advised to take a survey in this restaurant. But it still wants feedback to improve the quality of the food.

It is not hard to study in this restaurant; you have to remember the rules, requirements and eligibility to participate in this survey.


Pollolistens.com FAQs

  • How can contact in this restaurant?

Answer – You can contact them by mailing them at 7300 north Kendall drive, 8th floor Miami, fl 33156.

  • Is it necessary to purchase this restaurant?

Answer – Yes, if you take a survey in this restaurant, it is necessary to make a purchase.

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