Oreomystery.com – Win $50000 Cash – Oreo Mystery Flavor Survey

The Company name is Oreo Mystery Flavor Company and for one completing its survey, gets the reward of a $50k cash prize.

  • Why does the company take a survey?

Oreo mystery is a very famous fast-food company, and also this company was recognized for some other delicious meals like chocolate and natural or artificial flavour.

This company wants to take the thoughts and views of its customers to make it the best company, so that is why this company surveys to improve its service to make it the best company.

Oreomystery.com – Win $50000 Cash – Oreo Mystery Flavor Survey


How to take a Oreomystery.com survey?

Open this www.oreomystery.com.  Then you have to enter the survey code found on your receipt, then press on next to continue. After that, you will be directed to the next page that contains some of the questions.

You will see a list of questions on this page, and you have to answer them honestly. If you visit here the second time, you will be asked to share your last visit experience.

In the end, you will get the oreo mystery flavor coupon code that can be used on your next visit in this survey, and you can save some money by using it by getting some discount.

Benefits and rewards

When you complete your survey in this restaurant, you will be thanked for participating in this survey and be awarded a $50k oreo mystery flavour cash prize. Also, you can get a coupon by taking a survey in this restaurant with its terms and conditions.


But you have to remember that you can not transfer your prize to anyone else. One more benefit of taking a survey in this restaurant is getting the best helping staff ready for your help.

Oreo Mystery Survey Rules, Regulations and Requirements

There are some of the guidelines and rules that you have to follow when you take part in the Oreo Mystery Flavour Guest feedback survey:

  • You need a receipt of your purchase on the survey code is required.
  • If you are an employee of this restaurant, you are eligible to take a survey in this restaurant.
  • It would help if you had a laptop, computer, pc, or smartphone with a fast internet connection.
  • If you get any coupon code in this restaurant, you can only use it within a limited period.
  • To participate in this restaurant, you must be age eighteen or more.
  • Also, you have a primary language, the language English.
  • The person who will participate in the survey should be a citizen of 50 united states.
  • To take part in the survey, you must be 18 or more.
  • By your receipt, you can only take a survey only one time.
  • If you get any coupon code after completing your survey, you can use it to get a discount and remember that you can not transfer it into cash.

About the Oreomystery.com

This company is very famous for providing the best meal to its customer, and oreo has turned into the most vending treat in the present century. Orea mystery flavor company was first founded in 1912 and from that onward was sent off in various flavours and had different mottos, the present being only oreo.


This company restricted release has been in pattern in the 21st century, and one of them is known as the oreo mystery. To learn about the customers’ desires, it presents the survey to send their feedback after completing the study.


Lastly, you are thanked for reading this article because time is valuable. I hope you received all the details about participating in this oreo mystery flavour customer survey. But if you now have any issues or want to send some thoughts about the service of this survey, then you can comment on this.

If you want to know more about this survey, you can see it on its official site.


Oreomystery.com FAQs

  • Is it necessary to make a purchase?

Answer – Yes, you have to purchase to complete the oreo mystery flavour customer satisfaction survey.

  • What is the menu you can get from this restaurant?

Answer – There are many items you can get from this restaurant like you can get riboflavin, high fructose corn syrup, natural flavour, canola oil, chocolate, and artificial flavour.

  • What are the benefits of giving feedback to this restaurant after completing the survey?

Answer – If you take a survey in this restaurant, it wants to know about your experience in this survey, so that is why you are asked to send your feedback, and when you send your feedback in this survey, you can win the $50k cash prize.

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